Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New IGI (International Gemological Institute) Diamonds!!

1.20 carat round brilliant cut Triple Excellent DVVS2 diamond

Josi Gems has recently purchased a new stock of IGI certified diamonds. Please click on the attached certificate for better viewing.

These new diamonds are imported directly from the factory that cuts and polishes only Perfect Hearts & Arrows & Stars diamonds. They are certified by IGI (reputation as good as GIA) and the certificates come with photos that clearly indicate not only the Hearts, Arrows and Stars but the laser inscribed numbers as well!

These new stock of diamonds are all Triple Excellent stones.

Even the 3 to 29 pointers comes with Hearts and Arrows.

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Labgrown Diamoand said...

Nice Blog, Its so beautiful IGI is more approved certified diamonds for lab grown diamonds, lab created diamonds etc. Thanks for share it.